Is God in Control?

One of the questions that Christians need to deal with is the question of God’s control in our world and in our lives.

Is God in Control or not? If He is, to what extent is He in Control?

For some people, the corona virus pandemic shows that God cannot be in control, or at least not totally. For other people, the fact that their preferred candidate did not win our recent election indicates that God is not in control.

But circumstances are not the indicator of whether or not God is in control. God has a way of taking even sinful circumstances and using them to accomplish His plan. The life of Joseph is a primary illustration of this, as is the life of Daniel. 

As Christians we are prone to debate this issue, primarily based on a logic/illogic assessment. However, this is not a philosophical issue it is a theological issue. Reason can arrive at an answer but it may not be the right answer. Only revelation can give you the right answer. And revelation is clear that God in in control of all things (Ephesians 1:11); that He even uses the free will of man expressed in sinful ways to accomplish His purposes (Acts 2:23).

Our job is not to explain how God can be in control, especially when life goes bad. Our only responsibility is to accept His sovereign role in the universe and bend our knees to his will, expressed, not only (although primarily) in the Word of God, but also in the events of our world.

To believe that God is NOT in control, is to assign our lives to either another, albeit lessor god, unknown randomness, or our own sinful, limited wisdom. Each of which pose far more and far greater problems than to believe that an all-wise, all-loving, all-knowing God has His hands on the controls of the universe.

Acknowledging God’s control allows us to live in peace even when life has stripped us of all peace. It brings comfort knowing that everything is working in harmony to bring His Will to completion. And that is the ultimate goal – for His Will to be done on earth as it is done in Heaven.

Conversely, treating life as happening outside of God’s control will result in anxiety, and distress.

Stay in the Word

Pastor Steve

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