That Birth!

I love December. Not so much for the cold of the season but for the warmth of what we celebrate – the birth of Jesus. That Birth!

We love the story for its drama and inspiring message if for nothing else. The starting appearance of an angel to Mary and then to Joseph that sent their worlds into a tailspin. A young, poor couple making their way on an arduous journey to the tiny village of Bethlehem of Judea. The oft maligned inn keeper who had to tell them that his rooms were filled but they could sleep with the animals. The dark sky of the hillside suddenly filled with the brilliant light of angels as they announced the birth to some rough-hewn shepherds – and their obvious delight as they hurriedly made their way to Bethlehem. The mysterious magi from the East who came searching for the child, bearing gifts.

It’s all a bit too otherworldly even unbelievable, almost surreal.

But that one birth changed the world in ways previous unknown and never duplicated. It changed it in ways that we are still struggling to understand.

And it’s That Birth that is still impacting lives generation after generation.

It’s the birth of Jesus that gives life meaning when nothing else makes sense.

It’s the birth of Jesus that makes life bearable in the unbearable times.

It’s the birth of Jesus that gives hope when all hope has been lost.

It’s the birth of Jesus that brings calmness into our chaos.

It’s the birth of Jesus that shows us what love is really like.

It’s the birth of Jesus that leads the way to the Father.

Most of all it’s the birth of Jesus that offers salvation to anyone who will believe.

That Birth was the birth that changed the world. Not with massive armies or with superior legislation or with advanced technology. It changed the world one heart at a time.

As one person knelt before the King. As one person confessed Him as Lord. As one person surrendered control of their life to Him. The world was Changed. By That Birth.

It’s more than a nice drama or inspiring story. It’s what the angel said: Emmanuel – God with us. In That Birth God came to man so that man might find God.

This Christmas let the birth of Jesus change you. In whatever way you need to be changed, let it start with That Birth.

Stay in the Word

Pastor Steve

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