A Mother’s Heart

In a few short days we will move into the month of December with all of its festivities and celebrations. For most people, the central focus of the month is Christmas Day. But for Christians the focus of the season is the birth of Christ. Everything else pales in comparison to that wonderous event.

While our thoughts rightly center around the Christ child, there is another figure in the story that we shouldn’t miss – I’m referring to Mary.

Mary is such a pivotal character both in the Christmas story and in the life of Christ that you can’t tell either story without her.

When you think about Mary, the thing that stands out is her heart. That thing deep inside of her that reveals her innermost thoughts, joys, and sorrows.

There are many beautiful and wonderful things about Mary but there is nothing that compares to her heart.

Very early in the Christmas Story Mary’s heart is brought into focus. As the Shepherds left Bethlehem after worshipping the Christ child, they proclaimed His birth to anyone who would listen. I wonder how many people simply shrugged and went on their way, hearing but not listening. Not Mary. She tucked their words away in her heart (Luke 2:19).

As He grew up and experienced the ordinary life of first century Palestine, he also experienced things that went beyond the normal life of a young Jewish boy, extraordinary things; things that amazed (Luke 2:41-52); Mary stored them away in her heart (Luke 2:51).

There is no question, but that Mary’s heart was filled with this her son.

God has put within the breast of mothers a heart that beats differently from all other hearts. There’s nothing quite like a Mother’s heart.

It’s a bottomless well of tender caring; an endless ocean of unconditional love; a universe of willing self-sacrifice for the happiness of her family. It is different from anything else.

Mary’s heart was no different. In fact, if anything, it was deeper, wider, and higher than the other women around her. Hers was a heart beyond comparison.

That made it a heart that not only loved greater but a heart that suffered more intensely. The greater a heart loves, the deeper a heart is broken. And Mary’s was broken like no other.

The ecstasy of Bethlehem became the agony of Calvary.

Mixing our holidays, we are now just days away from Thanksgiving – a perfect time to express our thankfulness to God for His blessings. Don’t forget to thank Him for the heart that He has placed within mothers. For all that they add to our lives. For all that they teach us. For their great example. For their comfort.

Thank God that deep within mothers, He placed a Mother’s heart.

Stay in the Word

Pastor Steve

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