Where is Your Identity?

All of us have an Identity. It’s Who We Are.  It’s not Who We Want To Be. It’s not even Who We Think We Are. It’s Who We Are. Deep down on the inside.

People struggle with the issue of their identity. Some people don’t like who they have become. Other people think that they are one thing when everyone else knows them as something else.

One thing is certain – we all have an identity.

The problem with Identity is that often we don’t want to be Who We Are – we want to be something or someone else.

The question is: What Defines You? What gives you your identity?

For some it’s their occupation. When two men meet for the first time it doesn’t take long for one of them to ask, What do you do? By which he means, what is your occupation? Men self-identify based on their job.

I suspect it’s different for women but I’m still trying to figure that out.

For other people their identity might be associated with their wealth or social standing. Identity can even be tied up in your family name. The Kennedy family comes to mind. Or it can be associated with your husband or even your hobby.

Identity for the Christian is supposed to be different. We’re suppose to find our identity in Christ. One writer explained it this way: your identity lies in being a member of the body, with Jesus as the Head. Your identity is reflected in your relationship status: a bondservant, a child of the King, the friend of Jesus, and the bride of Christ—the (Church.Conciliapost.com)

That is were we find our identity. In Christ and in His Church.

That is a thought that has never crossed the minds of most Christians. Not that our identity is to be found in Christ. Most Christians will agree with that.

But that our identity is to be found in the bride of Christ—the Church.

And not just in the “Universal Church”. In the Local Church. The local church is the manifestation of the universal church. It is where the universal church is played out. The New Testament never even hints that there can be Christians who are not a part of a local congregation.

Your identity is intimately tied into the church you attend.

That means that you are to see yourself as a member of that body with Christ as the head. You are to see yourself as a bondservant, a child of the King, the friend of Jesus, and the bride of Christ in that place.

And when that is true, how you see yourself – your identity will radically change. For the first time, perhaps, you will see yourself as God sees you.

And how God sees us is our true identity.

Don’t base your self-evaluation on external, extraneous things. Make sure that you base your identity using the same standard that God uses. Then you will be satisfied, even if your bank account, or your occupation, or your social standing, or any other standard of measurement you want to use is not what you want it to be.

Stay in the Word

Pastor Steve

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