No Insignificant People

One issue that Christians deal with, often in the context of the local church, is a feeling of insignificance. It manifests itself when you say or think: No one knows me. I’m not missed when I’m not there. I’m not important. I don’t do anything that’s vital in the church. I’m insignificant.

This is one reason that people leave their church. They’re looking for significance. They don’t feel like they’re being used or accomplishing anything important. They don’t feel appreciated – which, in their minds means, other people don’t think I’m necessary.

Let me put the lie to rest. There are NO insignificant people in the Family of God (read my local church). To believe that you or anyone else is insignificant in the church is to listen to the lie of the evil one. He’s the only one who has a vested interest in you believing such a thing.

The Bible is clear. Writing to the believers in Corinth the Apostle Paul said those members of the body which seem to be weaker (insignificant) are necessary (1 Corinthians 12:22). What he’s saying is that those people that we (not God) think are less important are in fact necessary, they are essential, they are required.

In his previous discussion he made it clear that God has put each of us in the Body of Christ in the place where He wants us (1 Corinthians 12:7, 18). Whatever you do in your local church is a divine appointment!

Not only has God put you where He wants you to be, but without you the body is incomplete. We NEED you in order to be a healthy, functioning body. WE need you.

More importantly, GOD needs you in the body – that’s why He put you there. And that’s where He wants you to live out your faith in the context of your local church. God does not deal in the insignificant. You are not insignificant to Him!

Your place in the body (represented by your local church) may not be flashy; it might not be up front (that’s much overrated – take it from someone who is upfront every week); it might not be as noticeable as someone else’s place. But never for one minute think that you are unnecessary or what you do for God, the Body, His Church is insignificant.

There are no insignificant people in God’s kingdom.

That means that you need to be there – every Sunday! Be there, if not for yourself, be there for the rest of the body. It means that you need to throw yourself wholeheartedly into whatever God has given you to do. It means that you need to stop looking at people (including yourself) and start looking at God (Hebrews 12:2) because ultimately only His opinion of you counts.

Stay in the Word

Pastor Steve

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