The Day of Heroes

There have always been great men and women. Every country and culture has (or at least had) them. Men and women who contributed to their fellowman in ways that shaped the future. They stand out from the rest of us as people worthy of our respect.

They are people like Gandhi, and Marie Curie, and Churchill, and George Washington to name just a few. People who walked with feet of clay, yet managed to elevate not only themselves, but everyone around them. They were the few who could inspire the many. They left the world better than they found it.

They are the people who are immortalized in books and in the memories of not just their countrymen but people around the world. They are the heroes that we look up to.

Unfortunately, the definition – or at least the perception, of heroes has changed. If the posters on the walls (both physical and social) of many teens and I suspect many schools is any indication, heroes today are chosen using a different criterion than in the past. Heroes today are chosen for their entertainment value not for their sacrifice.

The day of true heroes is quickly slipping away.

God too has his heroes. There’s a group of them listed in Hebrews chapter eleven. People like Abraham and Moses and Samson and David. People who stood for God and for righteousness. They are still inspiring people generations later.

The irony of these heroes is that we don’t even know the names of most of them. They are the anonymous heroes of the world. They are the ones of whom it was said, the world was not worthy (Hebrews 11:38) of them.

Here’s the thing about these heroes that makes them stand out from all of the great people of history. They were heroes to God.

We think in terms of heroes to men. Men and women who are remembered and recognized as great by the rest of us. But you don’t have to be recognized by people to be a hero to God. What matters is that God knows who you are. That’s what’s really important. To be a hero among men is one thing but to be a hero to God raises it to another dimension.

So, go out and be a hero.

Sure, be a hero to your family and your children. But more importantly, be a hero to God.

The Day of Heroes does not have to end.

Stay in the Word

Pastor Steve

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