Some Spiritual Lessons from Halloween

I know there is a debate raging among Christians about Halloween – it’s been going on for years and it’s not likely to end soon. How Christians respond to Halloween run from unrestricted participation to nonparticipation. Here’s a good article by John MacArthur’s Grace to You on the subject with some good suggestions.

The debate has even spilled over into Facebook with comments revealing which side of the spectrum people fall on. Without taking sides in the debate I was intrigued by one Facebook posts by a man named John Moore.

I don’t know anything about John Moore except what he posted on his Facebook site so this is not an endorsement of any kind. According to his Facebook site he is the CEO of John Moore Ministries & Leadership Consulting in San Antonio, Texas – and that’s the extent of what I know about him.

However, I found his post about his participation in Halloween both interesting and challenging. Here it is:

I opened the door to give out candy tonight in my preaching robe (see previous post). The kids asked me what was I? I said, I’m a preacher. A 9 year old girl asked me could I pray for her? While I was shocked, I said sure. After I prayed for her, the girl parents starting telling me how they left Christ and that they have been going thru tons lately and they wanted prayer as well. I prayed for them and they rededicated their life to Christ right on my front porch. They are going to church tomorrow for the first time in 6 YEARS! Get this, that was the first of 3 families who asked for prayer tonight because I was dressed as a preacher in a robe. My point? How many times have we as Christians missed an opportunity to win souls because we weren’t in a church, on program, or in the spotlight? I know most church people don’t celebrate Halloween, and that’s totally fine. However, I’m glad I didn’t take Halloween off as a Christian. Many Christians protest it and tell others how wrong they are and that they are “going to hell” when really all we should be doing is working to win souls! They came to my door looking for candy, but I gave them COMPASSION AND CHRIST!

Of course he received praise for his actions and condemnation for participating in what some see as a pagan holiday.

My purpose is not to argue for or against Halloween. That’s another discussion. I shared his post because it challenged me in the area of sharing Christ. Whether you think he did the right thing or not you can’t deny that there are some lessons here for all of us. Five that come to my mind are:

-Take advantage of the opportunities around us. We all have opportunities to share Christ. You don’t have to manufacture them, just use the opportunities that God brings into your life.

-Be creative in your approach to sharing your faith. I have to confess I would never have thought to do what he did – and I AM a pastor. I think with a little creativity we might see more results.

-Don’t be intimidated. It would have been easy to be intimidated in this situation. Intimidated by the occasion. Intimidated by strangers. Intimidated by what other Christians may have thought or said. We don’t need to be intimidated into silence when it comes to the gospel.

-Expect the unexpected. It was interesting that God used a 9 year old girl to change the whole dynamic. I’m not sure his plan was to pray with people when he started out the night, but that was God’s plan. God often brings about the unexpected when we’re faithful.

-Trust God with the results. If we are faithful God will do what only He can do. Let’s trust him.

Who would have thought that we could learn some spiritual lessons from Halloween?

Stay in the Word
Pastor Steve


One thought on “Some Spiritual Lessons from Halloween

  1. Pastor Steve says:

    Here is the link to the article from Grace to You. Sorry it didn’t link in the article.

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