When Grace Came

Christmas is such a special time of the year. Whether or not we know the exact year of Christ’s birth (we don’t) or celebrate it on the right date (we don’t) really doesn’t matter. We’re not celebrating a date we’re celebrating an event – the birth of Christ. Without question it is the greatest event to occur in human history. That’s worth celebrating.

The birth of Christ is an event that is drenched in grace. Can you imagine the magnitude of what happened in Bethlehem that night? The infinite, eternal One came to be with us. Immanuel. God, the one without sin, came to live with sinners. That’s grace.

Amazingly He didn’t ask us to clean up our act before He came – He just came. He didn’t expect us to change our lives so He could come – He just came. He came to a world that wasn’t looking for Him (with some minor exceptions), to a world that didn’t want Him, to a world that really wasn’t craving what He had to offer. And knowing all of that He came. That’s grace.

The birth of Christ in Bethlehem that we celebrate at this time of the year was Grace with a capital G. As much as I love our carols and the scenes of peace and tranquility that they project, they miss this one thing – if the birth of Christ in the manger was anything it was the one of the loudest expressions of God’s grace that has ever come into our world and into our lives. It might have been Silent Night to some but it wasn’t to God. And it shouldn’t be to us.

That night was God literally screaming grace at us. It was God shouting Here I am! I’ve come to be with you! I WANT to be with you! I want to be with YOU! Even in the quietness of Bethlehem He could not have said it any louder.

Grace seldom comes quietly into our lives. How can it? It’s the Eternal One invading our time, our space, our lives. It’s not meant to be quiet it’s meant to be loud and noisy. It’s meant to get our attention; to shake us up; to change our lives.

That’s what happened in Bethlehem. That night in a village that was insignificant to most of the world, God’s grace came. It came in the form of a baby. It came in the form of God (Philippians 2:6). And it came with an explosion that rocked the world.

That’s what Christmas is. That’s what Grace is.

Stay in the Word
Pastor Steve


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