God Takes the Summer Off

A lady in our church recently published this on her Facebook page – it came from the ministry Joni and Friends. I hope it makes you think and reevaluate your priorities this summer.

God Takes The Summer Off

We are sorry to inform you that God will not be available during the summer beginning June 1st. He feels He deserves some time off, so He has canceled His normal duties for the summer.

He has agreed to send the sun and rain occasionally when He happens to be in town, but so far as answering prayers for the needs of your family, please don’t count on Him.

God has let church leaders know that they should not plan any outreach efforts or mission trips during the summer—or at least if they do, they will have to do it without Him because He plans to be gone a lot to see relatives, baseball games and the lake. God has expressed the opinion that we should find someone else to take His place.

Then we reminded Him of His promise, “Surely I will be with you always,” but He said He didn’t realize when He said it that it meant going two or three years without a break. He expressed His sincere regret and hopes that it will not cause anyone any inconvenience.

God may be contacted anytime after September 1st at which time He hopes to get back into the routine. “Please defer all requests until then,” He requested.

Aren’t you glad God doesn’t take the summer off? As we approach summer, make it your determination to bring yourself and your family to God’s House on Sunday. He’ll be waiting for us to worship Him.

Does that sound like anyone you know? Maybe you? Sure it’s a ridiculous thought that God would take any time off, let alone an entire summer. And it’s a good thing He doesn’t or we’d be in big trouble.

But why, then do we think we can take time off from church? Can you imagine how Hebrews 10: 25 might sound if some Christians were writing it today?

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, unless it’s too hot, or you
have a family reunion on Sunday, or you have tickets to see your favorite
baseball team play, or you just need a break . . .

You get the idea. We often do what we don’t want God to do.

Hey, I know that there will be times when you can’t be in church this summer but it should be a very short list – sickness, kids sick, vacation, have to work, – hold on I’m still thinking. Well, like I said it should be a very short list.

I hope to see you in church this Sunday!

Stay in the Word
Pastor Steve


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