When God Doesn’t Make Sense

There are times in life when God just doesn’t make sense. In fact, if we are honest, God often seems not to make sense to us. We just can’t figure Him out. What do we do then? What do we do when God is a total mystery to us? When we try to do what He wants us to do, but it just doesn’t add up? The following true story illustrates what I’m taking about.

In 1921, Swedish missionaries David and Svea Flood went to the Belgian Congo. They and another young couple, the Ericksons, felt led by God to take the gospel to a remote area called N’dolera. Because the chief would not let them enter the village, their only contact was the young boy who sold them food. Eventually Svea led the boy to Christ.

Malaria struck and the Ericksons returned to the central mission station. The Floods remained near N’dolera alone. Svea died within days of giving birth to a little girl. David dug a crude grave, buried his young wife, gave baby Aina to the Ericksons and returned to Sweden, saying God ruined his life. He turned to alcohol and became bitter against God, not allowing anyone to speak the name of God in his presence.

Within eight months, both the Ericksons died. American missionaries adjusted “Aina” to “Aggie” and brought her to the United States. Years passed. One day a Swedish religious magazine appeared in Aggie’s mailbox, unexpected. A photo inside shocked her­—a grave with a white cross marked “SVEA FLOOD.”

A college faculty member translated the article for Aggie: Missionaries came to N’dolera long ago…a white baby was born… the young mother died… one little African boy was led to Christ…and the boy grew up and built a school in the village. Gradually he won his students to Christ…the children led their parents to Christ…even the chief became a Christian.

Aggie decided to locate her father and eventually visited him in Sweden. Even though she was warned not to speak of God, she told him about the article, telling him “Today there are six hundred African people in that village serving the Lord because you were faithful to the call of God in your life…”  David’s heart softened, and he returned to God. Weeks later, he met Him in eternity.

Aggie eventually met that African boy. He was superintendent of the national church in Zaire (former Belgian Congo), representing 110,000 baptized believers. All because of the sacrifice of David and Svea Flood. A sacrifice that at the time appeared to have been cruel and pointless. (From www.epm.org).

You can read a longer version of Aggie’s remarkable story here.

So what do we do when we don’t understand God? The answer is we walk by faith (2 Corinthians 5:7). The writer of Hebrews reminds us that faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1). Walking by faith means trusting God even when He doesn’t make sense. It means following Him even when we don’t understand. It means never going back.

Stay in the Word

Pastor Steve


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